Local Activities

The 3 most popular!

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis is the UK’s highest mountain and a lot of our customers come to climb it. Ben Nevis is just over 12 miles from The Little Houses! When climbing Ben Nevis we suggest you start very early for 2 reasons, 1. It takes most people around 4 hours to get to the top and 4 to get back. If you take longer than expected you don’t want to get caught out by the light, this also means that you hopefully get to the top before the sun is at it’s strongest. 2. A lot of people climb Ben Nevis so the car parks get full very quickly! Ben Nevis can be dangerous in poor weather conditions so please do your research and be safe and prepared.

The Nevis Range

Not to be confused with Ben Nevis the Nevis range is 7 miles from The Little Houses and has all sorts of activities! On the lower mountain there are walking paths and bike trails! On the upper half there are 3 long bike trails, Blue doon being the easiest and then Top Chief and The World Cup Downhill for experts only. If you’re not so much into the biking you can still take the gondola to the upper half of the mountain and hike either to 2 different view points or make your own way right to the top! There is a cafĂ© at the bottom and top stations of the gondola! The Nevis Range is also known for the UCI World cup it holds once a year where the top level mountain bikers race down the World cup track! In the winter the Nevis range transforms into a ski resort that opens if the weather allows!

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Glenfinnan Viaduct, 23 miles from The Little Houses, is best known as the Harry Potter bridge. When visiting you can see all the Harry Potter favourites like the train passing over or visit the gift shop but there is more than the Harry Potter fun too! There are a few walks around, you can walk under the bridge and out to a bothy which is very accessible for wheel chairs and small children too! Another walk is from Glenfinnan station around to a great viewpoint of the Viaduct, then under the viaduct and back round to the Station!

Other less known but still great attractions!

Beach trips (click here to see more)

At The Little Houses we have a choice of many beaches! Nearest us we have Lagan beach the largest inland beach in the UK (at the far end of Lagan loch or a smaller at the start) or Caol beach in Fort William. Other beaches we have are Silver sands of Morar (pictured above, located in Arisaig). Singing sands is another small beach with a scenic walk into it located in Moidart.

Isle of Skye (click here to see more)

Located 59 miles from The Little Houses a lot of our customers like a day out to see the sights of Skye. There are many things you can do on Skye but some popular activities include a visit to the fairy pools! Explore the Cuillins and other local mountains. All sorts of different boat trips, some to see sea eagles and some to look at the amazing scenery!

The Ardverikie estate (click here to see more)

15 miles from The Little Houses is the Ardverikie estate. Located next to loch Lagan the estate covers 38,000 acres in which it is happy to share most of with the public. The estate asks for no vehicle’s on the estate and for people to park in the closest layby on the A86.

Northern Lights (click here to see more)

At the Little Houses between September and April you may be lucky enough to see the Northern lights!

Loch Ness (click here to see more)

30 miles from the Little Houses is the largest freshwater body in the UK. Home to the Loch Ness monster the loch is very popular. Whether your monster hunting or just there for the views there are many things to see and do at Loch Ness!

Hiking (click here to see more)

Whether your looking for a scary scramble or a tranquil track the highlands has it. From The Little houses there are so many walks of varying length and difficulty and you don’t even have to drive! If however you do want to drive somewhere you don’t have to go far as the local area has lots of different routes to take!

Wildlife Watching (click here to see more)

If you want a stay-at-home sort of day you may enjoy simply looking out the living room window to see all the different going-ons outside, whether that’s watching lots of different birds at the feeders or something bigger like red squirrels or deer, The Little Houses has amazing wildlife that all houses can hopefully see at some point in their stay!

Snowsports (click here to see more)

Winter at The Little Houses can be great fun! From the little houses you have a few options for Snowsports, the closest is the Nevis range (7 miles away) where they also offer ski teaching. The next is Glencoe ski area (18 miles away). After this is Cairngorm mountain which is 47 miles away. Furthest away are The Lecht (63 miles away) and Glenshee (51 miles away)

Mountain Biking (click here to see more)

In the local area there are many great bike trails. Starting closest to us there is a natural in the woods of the Achaderry estate roughly 30 minutes cycle from The Little Houses! Next is the Nevis range with plenty of man-made trails and natural trails. Slightly further away is Lagan Wolf tracks (23 miles away) with not as many trails as other places and no uplift but the few trails it does have are great and suitable for all levels!

Landmark adventure park (click here to see more)

55 miles away and perfect for all ages Landmark has something for everyone! Landmark has thrilling rides for those adrenaline seekers or if your seeking something more relaxing maybe the butterfly house and the forest paths may be more for you. For small children Landmark is also great with its toddler friendly high ropes course or its optical illusions. Landmark is very easy to make a day out too with many picnic places and places to buy food too!

Highland Folk Museum (click here to see more)

34 miles away this museum isn’t like other museums, this is like time travel! On entry they ask for a donation but once your in you can go where you like, this might be straight to the 1700’s or maybe you fancy a stop at the sweet shop then onto the 1920’s this museum brings the past to life and gets everybody involved.

Cairngorm Reindeer (click here to see more)

54 miles from The Little Houses is the Cairngorm Reindeer centre. The cairngorm reindeer centre requires booking as they have a guided 30 minute walk to get up to the reindeer but once you’re there you can walk amongst the reindeer and learn all about them!

Boat trips (click here to see more)

Having lots of water in the highland means we also have lots of boat trips for all different reasons! Some for wildlife watching, some for speed and some to get to remote places! Bellow are 3 separate boat trip companies for different areas around The Little Houses.

Castles (click here to see more)

From the Little houses there are many castles you can visit! They range from ruins to completely in tack but one thing they all share is that they’re based in stunning scenery! The button bellow shows the 4 best castles although don’t be scared to look at castles not on the list as you may find hundreds of quiet and beautiful castles elsewhere too!

Wild swimming (click here to see more)

At The Little Houses customers often like to cool off from a hot summers day by a dip in the nearby river. The spot pictured above is perfect for small children as it gradually gets deeper. Just a few meters upstream from this spot is a fallen tree perfect for jumping off! If you go about 15 minutes walk upstream you will find a deep gorge perfect for swimming in with a rocky area to jump off, this is great if you’re a confident swimmer although we suggest if you’re not so confident you leave this spot alone as it’s very deep with not a lot of gradual deepening.

These activities are just some of the many things you can do here so if you want more don’t hesitate to click the button bellow to find what waits for you on your holiday.